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Mistakes Contact Lens Wearers Make

Did you know that your trusty little contact lens case harbors many unwelcome germs that could make you sick? According to the American Optometric Association, almost 25% of contact users never replace their lens cases, allowing bacteria to breed in the crevices. The bacteria can then transfer to the contact lenses causing eye infections. In fact, most serious contact lens-related infections can be traced back to a patient's case.

The good news is that you can easily prevent an eye infection – and it won’t cost you much! Here’s how:

  • Swap your case about every three months
  • Take proper care between replacements
  • After every use, simply rinse and clean your case thoroughly with solution and let it completely dry

So, to keep those critters at bay, your best bet is to toss your old case and start with a fresh one every three months. Make it part of your "seasonal cleaning" routine!

For more contact lens tips, read Caring for Contacts: Some Common Sense Guidelines.