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FAQs for Prospective Contact Lens Wearers
Thinking about contact lenses? Get answers here.

Contact Lenses: Know Your Options
Nowadays, there’s a lot more to picking contacts than deciding “hard or soft.” Eyecare experts share the facts on the brave new world of contact lenses.

Sharpen Your Focus on Contact Lenses

Thinking About Contact Lenses for Your Teen or Child?
Considering contacts lenses for your child? Get your questions answered.

How to Put In and Take Out Contact Lenses
Applying and removing your contacts will become second nature very quickly, but in the meantime, just follow these step-by-step instructions.

Caring for Contacts: Some Common Sense Guidelines
Making the switch to contacts from glasses can make you jump for joy. But make sure you know how to take care of them.

New Eyewear, New Outlook
Adjusting to new eyewear shouldn’t be hard. Whether you’re getting new glasses or contacts, a few quick tips can help make the transition a snap.

More to Eye Drops than Meets the Eye!
Ever wonder what else you can use standard eye drops for? Read this, and you'll make more room in your medicine cabinet.