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All in the Family? A Primer on Genes and Vision Problems
Will your child need glasses just like mom? Genes can play a big role in vision problems, but they’re not the only player. A pediatric eye care expert weighs in on the subject.

Annual Eye Exams for Children: As Important as Visits to Pediatricians
Annual visits to pediatricians are important to keeping children healthy, but annual eye exams are equally as important. Our eyes also need to be examined for proper development, as well as for early detection of possible vision issues that could impair eyesight for life.

Baby Steps: Make Sure Some of Them are to the Eye Doctor
Did you know that children should have their first eye exam before they can even walk? That’s right, babies should have their eyes checked at a mere 6-months of age. Experts share why.

Computer Vision Syndrome: Kids, Computers and Digital Eye Damage
In today's digital age, Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is becoming a bigger threat, especially to students. Learning how to moniter your child's time in front of the computer is crucial to their eye health and academic success.

Eye Exam Leads to Life-Saving Diagnosis for Little Boy
Could a routine eye exam reveal something even a brain scan missed? This one did. The results? A healthy, happy nine-year-old boy with a renewed promise for a healthy life.

Eyes: 15 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Them
Explore little known facts about your eyes like how often you blink, the age at which you start producing tears, and why eye transplants aren't possible--yet.

Getting Kids Ready for Their First Eye Exam
Who likes to go to the doctor? Your child might actually look forward to their eye appointment – if you do your homework.

Holiday toy shopping 101: tips for playing it safe
Unsafe toys are the most common cause of eye injury among children. Use these strategies and ideas to protect your kid's vision.

How to Tell if Your Child Needs Glasses
Over one in five school-age kids have vision problems. A children’s eye care specialist gives the low-down on what to look for – and what to do.

How young is too young to get contacts?
Choosing whether or not to get contacts for you child boils down to how responsible they are. Get information from a VSP doctor to help you decide when the time's right for your child to start wearing contacts.

Is it likely our baby will inherit my color blindness?
Heredity is the most common reason for colorblindness. An eye exam for your child can help identify colorblindness and prevent problems in school.

Lengthen the life of your kid's glasses
Children are notorious for breaking or losing their glasses. These four easy tips will help to prolong the life of your child's eyewear.

School-Age Kids Need More Than Vision Screenings
10 million kids in America have vision problems. And, traditional school vision screening can miss them. An expert shares some advice.

Tears–No Crying Matter
Tears are made up of three layers, change chemically depending on their purpose, and decrease in quantity as we age.

Understanding your Baby’s Vision Development
Understanding you Baby's Vision Development: What you Need to Know

Your back to school fashion guide: Keep the kids looking good
Kids want to look good at school. What better way to kick off a new school year but with an eye exam and some fashionable shades?