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See the World through Google Glass

Google Glass is smart eyewear designed to let you stay connected to the world around you. With the explosion of wearable technology, Google Glass is on the cutting edge, so whether it's sharing your daughter’s first steps without losing the moment, finding out the new departure time on your delayed flight without checking your phone, or translating a phrase into another language, Google Glass is there when you need it and out of the way when you don't.

In May 2014, Google made Glass available – though still in beta mode – at From the beginning, Google Glass was designed to be modular, so you can make it your own. You can choose your color and select from a growing collection of frames and shades to customize your look. And, if you wear prescription specs, you're in luck – many VSP network providers are specially trained to fit Google Glass with prescription lenses.

Interested in buying Google Glass? Visit to start shopping.

Already own Google Glass? See your nearest VSP Glass Preferred Provider to learn more about prescription lenses for Glass.