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How will my vision plan benefit me?

Vision insurance gives you access to the services and products you need to care for your eyes. Of course you could choose to pay for these entirely out-of-pocket, but with a VSP insurance plan you’ll realize substantial savings while receiving the personalized care you deserve.

Helps with the reduction of glare and reflections
Automatically darken outdoors, but designed to be worn indoors
Impact resistant and lightweight. With family coverage, children 18 and under are covered for polycarbonate lenses in full, resulting in additional savings with this lens option.

No vision insurance through an employer? No worries. In just minutes you could enroll in an individual or family plan through VSP that can save you hundreds of dollars. Select a Plan

Can't I just use coupons?

Coupons regularly advertise great discounts and savings. But be wary of the many exclusions or limited selections on frame brands and lens options. Considering the cost of exams and the various upgrade options you'll likely want, a recent study* shows that most people end up spending much more than the coupon promotes. Research also shows that those with insurance pay much less for their eye care than those without. With VSP vision insurance you'll give your eye health the proper attention and realize substantial savings over what you would normally pay as a walk-in customer.

What types of vision plans are available?

Vision plans are typically offered as either a vision insurance benefits package or a discount vision plan.


Insurer pays doctor. You pay copay and overages not covered under policy.

Discount Plan:

You pay doctor directly at a discounted rate.


How does it work?

For years VSP® Vision Care has worked to develop an unmatched network of eye care providers. We have negotiated with this network to provide services to VSP members at rates well below the normal walk-in prices. Once you have enrolled in a VSP vision plan you simply choose one of the thousands of doctors in our network, pay your copay, and receive your services. It’s that simple.

What about more extensive procedures?

Vision insurance covers routine eye exams and prescription eyewear. Eye injuries or medically necessary procedures, such as corneal transplants, are typically covered by general health insurance. Voluntary procedures, such as LASIK, aren't considered medically necessary, so they're not typically covered by either health or vision insurance. However, VSP provides members with great discounts on laser vision correction. On average, members save 15% off the regular price or 5% off the promotional price—a great savings for you!

*Optical Retail Pricing Study, 2010

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