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Lengthen the Life of Your Kid's Glasses

Kids run, jump, fall, and play hard. So we teach them to be careful when they’re crossing the street or riding their bike. We teach them to be gentle when playing with a baby brother or sister. It’s equally important to show them how to take care of their new glasses. Read on for easy tips to extend the life of your kid's glasses.

Teach How to Clean Glasses

Use a cleaning solution specially made to clean glasses and use a microfiber cloth to shine up those lenses. Water or mild dish soap will work too, but make sure you still use a soft microfiber cloth. Paper towels and many other fabrics tend to leave tiny scratches, so give kids a special cloth to use instead. You can also find pre-moistened lens cloths that work well. These are perfect for your child to keep in their backpack, locker, desk, or by their bed.

Show How to Remove Eyeglass Frames

Show your kids how to use both hands to remove their glasses. Have them grip both side arms and pull eyeglass frames straight off of their face, rather than using only one hand. This will prevent any uneven wear and keep glasses fitting properly.

Remind Kids to Safely Store Glasses

Have your child keep a protective case for their glasses in their backpack, desk, or other convenient place for use during the day. It’s best to store glasses in a case to avoid any damage when they’re not being worn. If your child’s case is missing, suggest placing the glasses in a safe place, lens-side up to avoid scratches from rough surfaces, dirt and debris. Remind your child that couches, chairs, and the floor next to their bed are not safe places to store their glasses. 

Make Time for Maintenance

Visit the optician at your VSP network doctor’s office to readjust your child’s glasses as necessary.

By teaching kids these basic tips, you’ll help them lengthen the life of their glasses as well as provide them with good lifelong habits!