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Are You a Good Candidate for Laser Vision Correction?

Good candidates are at least 18 years of age, in good general health, and with no eye diseases such as cataracts or glaucoma. A screening with your eye doctor is the best way to determine if you are a candidate and what your probable outcome may be.

Good candidates should be free of eye diseases including keratoconus, glaucoma, cataracts and certain retinal and optic nerve diseases. Candidates should be free of certain eye viruses including herpes simplex and herpes zoster. Good candidates should also be free of certain health problems including uncontrolled diabetes, autoimmune or collagen vascular disease, and any medication or condition which renders the patient immunocompromised.

Patients should make their doctor aware of certain eye problems including amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (muscle imbalance), severe dry eyes, previous eye surgery or injury, or any recurrent, residual or active eye conditions which may affect healing. Other conditions that should be related to the doctor include keloid scarring with previous surgical healing, back problems, claustrophobia or other psychological problems, which may affect the surgery or recovery.

It is critical that a potential laser vision correction candidate has obtained a stable prescription for at least one year. Since hormones may affect the stability of your prescription, pregnant or nursing women are not eligible to pursue laser vision correction until two menstrual cycles after nursing has been discontinued. This is to make sure that the best results are achieved with the surgery, and to try to limit fluctuations in prescription that can occur with hormonal shifts.