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New Eyewear, New Outlook

New eyewear is one part prescription medicine and one part fashion. Getting new goods for your eyes is fun.

But, for anyone who’s had a problem with new glasses or contacts, it can also be a little nerve-wracking. Whether it’s a frame that doesn’t quite fit like you expected, or contacts that don’t feel nearly as comfy as that trial pair, there can be roadblocks on the way to eyewear bliss. 

“I think it’s only natural to wonder how awkward it will be to adjust to your new glasses or contacts,” says VSP network doctor John Warren, OD. “But getting accustomed to your new eyewear is actually quite easy."

“Most patients will be surprised at how simple it really is,” says Dr. Warren. “If you follow your doctor’s suggestions carefully, you’ll probably be able to wear your glasses or contacts without significant discomfort.”

Here are some tips:

  • Bright and early. If you have new prescription glasses, put them on first thing in the morning. Never switch to them halfway through the day. The sudden difference could make you feel disoriented and not quite right.
  • Doctor’s orders. Contact lenses are actually medical devices. Because they touch your eyes, it’s really important to follow the instructions your doctor gives about the adjustment period. Wear them only when and for how long your doctor tells you, and make sure you follow cleaning instructions too.
  • Warning signs. New eyewear shouldn’t hurt. Don’t shrug it off if you develop itching, redness or blurred vision, especially if you’re wearing new contact lenses. Give your eye care doctor a call right away.

Remember that anything new takes some adjustment, but don’t worry. Dr. Warren says, “If you communicate your concerns clearly to your eye care doctor and follow his or her recommendations, you’ll usually manage the transition with minimum fuss. And you’ll end up seeing much better as a result!”