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Why Light-Reactive Lenses are Right for You

Sunsync Photochromic Lenses

Say Hello to SunSync® Light-Reactive Lenses

These ultra-responsive lenses quickly darken in sunlight, and return to clear indoors and at night. From a day at the office to a night on the town, SunSync Light-Reactive Lenses are always ready to change things up. The question is, are you?

The Benefits of Changing Things Up

SunSync Light-Reactive Lenses combine the benefits of indoor and outdoor lenses into one stylish package:

  • Ultra-dark outdoor comfort
  • Exceptional indoor clarity
  • 100% UV protection
  • Targeted blue light filtration
  • Attractive gray and brown color options

Change is Guaranteed

SunSync Light-Reactive Lenses come with a one-year 100% satisfaction guarantee for VSP members. Once you receive your new lenses, register them online. If you’re not completely satisfied, VSP will refund the cost and replace them with clear, prescription lenses – FREE of charge.

Register your lenses.