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Progressive Lenses

Around the age of 40, many people find it increasingly difficult to read or see objects up close. Bifocals used to be the only solution for seeing both near and far with the same pair of glasses. Reading glasses offer a solution, but can be inconvenient, for those needing or having distance correction and needing a little help to see close up. With today’s advances in progressive lens technology, you can experience a completely smooth transition seeing close, far, and everywhere in the middle – with no more of those distracting bifocal lines or having to switch between a pair for distance and a pair for reading.

What to expect with Unity Progressive Lenses:

  • Smooth transition between near, middle, and distance viewing for optimal vision at any distance
  • Eliminate the distracting lines separating your near and distance prescriptions
  • Deliver a more precise prescription than traditional lenses
  • Customize your reading vision zone
  • Fit nearly every frame, including frames that wrap around your face (like some sunglasses)
Choose from different progressive lens options depending on your vision needs.

Traditional Progressive Lenses
Unity Digital Lenses
Digital Progressive Lenses
Unity Digital Lenses
Digital & Customized Progressive Lenses
Unity Digital Lenses
Mobile Progressive Lenses

Save on progressive lenses now! As a VSP member, you can use your benefits and save up to 50%* on Unity Progressive Lenses. Ask your VSP network doctor about Unity lenses at your next appointment.

*Varies by plan and purchase selection; savings determined after benefits are applied. Available only through VSP network doctors to VSP members with applicable plan benefits.

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