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Single Vision Lenses

If you wear lenses with only one field of vision, you have what’s called “single-vision”—you’ll be either near-sighted or far-sighted. Unity Single Vision Lenses are a great fit—the technology that creates your lens provides incredible accuracy and clarity (imagine your HD television screen compared to your old television screen). Advances like this make everyday activities and chores easier to perform and all of life’s little details that much more noticeable.

What to expect with Unity Single Vision Lenses:

  • Premium clarity
  • Expanded fields of vision
  • More precise prescription than traditional lenses
  • Flexible fit to work in most frames, including frames that wrap around your face (like some sunglasses)
Spherical Single Vision Lenses
Unity Digital Progressive
Digital Aspheric Single Vision Lenses

If you have bifocals or more than one field of vision in your lenses, you’ll want to read about Unity Progressive Lenses.

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